Lisa Barnett in the media
Lisa’s company, Little Spoon, has also emerged as one of the leading companies in the baby and parenting space, rethinking what it means to keep your child healthy for the modern family. 

  • Forget About Making Mistakes and Focus on Trying, According to This Entrepreneur.
    Entrepreneur Magazine

    "The word entrepreneur to me is synonymous with ‘hustler.’ As an entrepreneur, you cannot be afraid to put yourself and your ideas out there and figure out how to give them life. An entrepreneur accepts that you’re going to have to try 1,001 ways before something starts to work…"

  • Little Spoon gets $7M for its organic baby food delivery service...

    “As an investor privy to rising trends within the technology and entrepreneurship space, Barnett became interested in the growing parenting tech sector. “There has definitely been an eruption in the space,” she said. “There’s going to be the next big brand in the parenting sector…that is what Little Spoon is working toward becoming.”

  • These are the women changing the food industry (for the healthier) right now…
    Well + Good

    “After realizing there just wasn’t a lot out there, Lisa Barnett founded Little Spoon, a meal subscription service delivering healthy, organic pureed baby food. For parents who want to feed their baby nourishing food, it’s a lifesaver: Not many new moms and dads have the time or energy to blend up sweet potatoes and avocados at every meal.”

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